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Destination Heaven Chronicles - 13 Volume Complete

Destination Heaven Chronicles

Title: 天行記, 守护女神天行记, 천행기, Angel Diary, Chunhengi, Nhật kí thiên nữ, Venue des cieux
Years: 2002
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural
Author: LEE Yun-Hee
Artist: Kara
Scanlator(s): Condensation, DMM, MLFS, Manga Temple, NOIR, [ RC-SCANS ]
Status in Country of Origin: 13 Volumes (Complete)

Dong-Young is a royal daughter of heaven, engaged to the King of Hell. Determined to get away from her fate, she runs away before the wedding. The king has ordered the 4 guardians of Heaven to find her. Hiding out on Earth disguised as a boy, Dong-Young is helped by Queen Hong, 2 of the guardians, and a mysterious guy that seems to like her. What's to happen to poor Dong-Young?

The only Angel Princess of Heaven is betrothed to the Emperor of the Underworld. Unable to accept her future with the Demon King, she realizes that her only choice is to run away. Her plan is to join the human world disguised as a schoolboy! Now all of the Gods from Heaven and Hell are searching high and low on the earth trying to make sure that a wedding happens.

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